Moss Marine USA is a supporter of renewable power generation and an advocate for Offshore Wind energy development along our coastline.

Exposed to components arriving aboard ship stimulated interest and the pursuit of business opportunities in this emerging industry. Intrigued and motivated the company dispatched a representative to Denmark in effort to learn about the many facets associated with offshore wind energy production.

On a tour sponsored by the Danish Wind Industry Association, our personnel visited testing facilities, power output monitoring stations, subsea foundation and turbine blade factories. A visit to Esbjerg, provided exposure to marine terminals for pre-assembly while witnessing installation vessels loading for departure. Since returning, we have remained involved and regularly attend seminars and forums to keep current with local, state and federal policies.

Utilizing the wealth of local knowledge, its professional relationships and maritime understanding, Moss Marine USA, is establishing partnerships and creating alliances with global leaders in preparation for OSW projects now being planned for development in Maryland and along America's shores.

For those interested in learning more about Offshore Wind Energy or seeking USA representation, Moss Marine USA, offers consultancy, marketing, business development and networking services.

Offshore Wind & Ship Equipment Repair